b. 1985
sun sign: Gemini

Mary Frances Foster is a multidisciplinary designer and visual artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 2006, she has had the opportunity to work within traditional agencies and boutique studios alike, allowing her to collaborate with an array of individuals and organizations, and in turn find a style all her own.

Fascinated by seeing people’s hand in the world, she enjoys searching out pieces from the past, paying attention, stopping to photograph passing signs and sights, and incorporating those influences where it may be appropriate, with a pliable approach to her projects; beginning always by hand.

"There is a feeling in the work of Mary Frances Foster that is hard to pin down. It’s authentically rural, but doesn’t resort to tired Southern clichés. It’s elegant, but also unapologetically powerful. It’s subtly epic, but intensely personal at the same time. She chooses words with an upright honesty that communicates meaning far beyond their literal interpretation, and there are just enough unexpected elements in the layouts to keep you guessing. She has an aesthetic that feels all her own. In fact, the only thing I can accurately compare it to is listening to someone like Neko Case or Gillian Welch."  —Brad Surcey; designworklife, 2012



Branding / Identity
Art Direction
Web Design
Print & Editorial Layout
Film Photography






All the Tired Horses
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Selected Exhibitions

Last in the American League
St. Louis, MO
Group Exhibition; 2015

Design Week Dot Show
AIGA St. Louis
Group exhibition; 2014

DART St. Louis
AIGA St. Louis
Group exhibition; 2011, 2012, 2013

St. Louis, MO
Group exhibition; 2010, 2011, 2013

Cosmic Sans
Seattle, WA
Group exhibition; 2012

Art For Joplin Relief Effort
*Best of Show AIGA St. Louis No.17
Collaborative Poster Campaign; 2011

Famous Fictional Family Feud
Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis
Group exhibition; 2011

Virginia House Collective
Curator & Contributor
St. Louis; 2010, 2011

Pins & Needles
Alton, IL
Group exhibition; 2010