Broth Baby Bone Broth


Bone broth is an extraordinarily nutrient dense, highly versatile broth made by simmering bones of meat-giving animals in acidified water for a very long time and has been used around the world throughout human history, found today in most traditional cuisines and revered as a restorative cure-all. Slow-simmered in small batches to create a deeply flavorful stock you can drink on it's own with added herbs or flavorings, use to cook grains, braise meats, or as the base of a soup.    

Our goal was to visually communicate rich and restorative. Inspired by ways to convey bones, without illustrating bones. The lid design is a decorative interpretation of a bone's cross section. We also utilized illustrative ingredient bouquets to highlight the ingredients used in the broth and touched on type that felt a touch medicinal, and a tad all-healing—like a hug from your mother.  

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