Please take some time to answer the following questions so that I can have all the necessary information on hand in the ideation and creation of your brand identity. 



Please let me know of any questions or concerns! 


Brand Identity: Information 

What is the full written name needed to be shown in the logo?
Do you have a tag line?
Any text you'd like to see represented in any fashion (ie. location, Established Year, Regional notes, etc)? Brand families work best if you have a little bit of extra wording to use. Things such as "home grown" or those types of claims should be noted here.
A general overview of the business or product.
Sum up the above answer into its most condensed version.
List some keywords that best embody an overall impression your logo should convey.
Ideally, when consumers/customers/clients see your logo or brand what should their foremost emotion be?
What should the identity portray about the company? *not on an emotional level as the previous question, but on a logistical level.
Who is the target audience or intended market?
Is the business offering unique or one of many in its market? Will you need to compete with existing and similar businesses or is it in a relatively uncrowded market?
Who are your main competitors (direct or indirect)? What do you u like about their presence? What do you dislike about their brand identity? (locally, regionally or worldwide)
What is the smallest and largest possible sizes the logo(s) need to work at? (ie. printed on a coin vs. the side of a building, or both)
If there are any strong visual likes or dislikes please share, (including color).
Where will the logo primarily be used? Will this potentially change in time?
Please link to any Pinterest boards or other collections of gathered inspiration you'd like to share. Otherwise, any specific brands you love the brand of? Are there specific projects of mine you've seen that you like the style of in relation to your brand?
Please share here any additional thoughts or things you feel could help in the ideation of your brand identity.